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Power Clinic Inc. Power Clinic Inc.

3732 Arapaho Rd
Addison Texas 75001



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Industrial process control power supplies
 Telecom (voice and data) power supplies
 Semiconductor Power Supplies
 UPS (uninterruptible) systems
 Laboratory power supplies
 Medical Equipment power supplies
 Simulator power supplies
 Rectifiers
 Broadcast and television power supplies
 Graphic arts / printing power supplies
 Custom Power Supplies
 Military Application Power Supplies
 PLC Power Supplies
 Variable Speed Drives
Who We Repair:
Names we have serviced include AC DC,
Astec, Condor, Lambda, LH Research,
Pioneer Magnetics, Power One, Powertec,
Sorensen, SL Power, Switching Systems,
Todd Products…..and many, many more


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3732 Arapaho Rd, Addison, TX, United States

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32.9562464, -96.85359879999999

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