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Wafer Process Systems Inc - San Jose California

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Wafer Process Systems Inc

3641 Charter Park Dr
San Jose California 95136-95136

(408) 445-3010


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Wafer Process Systems Inc. Liquid Diffusion Technology (LDT) provides enhanced drying performance for a variety of substrates and material surfaces. This proprietary drying process and its subsystems control the creation of an ultra-pure IPA aerosol layer that moves across a motionless substrate to diffusively remove water, without leaving watermarks.

Wafer Process Systems Inc. employs full time field service engineering personnel to assist in repairs and upgrades of your existing wet process equipment including most of our competitors. Wafer Process Systems Inc. also stocks a complete inventory of spare parts including stand alone controllers and sensors which can be cross referenced to competitor’s parts for second sourcing replacements.

Wafer Process Systems Inc. manufactures a comprehensive line of standard wet chemical process equipment as well as custom build to design equipment for various cleaning, etching and stripping applications commonly found in the Semiconductor, MEMS, Photonics, Solar Cell, Disc Drive and Flat Panel Display manufacturing industries.

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3641 Charter Park Dr San Jose CA

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