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STEC Inc - Santa Ana California

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3001 Daimler St
Santa Ana California 92705

(949) 476-1180


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STEC is a global engineering and manufacturing company that offers memory and storage products for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications, including internet protocol networking, consumer electronics, personal computing and telecommunications. STEC specializes in developing high-density modules, cards and drives for custom and open-standard applications. Its patented IC Tower stacking technology is recognized as a premiere solution for exponentially increasing capacity within the dimensions of a standard form factor. STEC also develops miniaturized solutions such as its low-profile SDRAM for low-profile server enclosures. In addition to STEC’s custom products, the company offers standard and next-generation DRAM, SRAM and flash modules, cards and drives for aftermarket upgrades of PCs, servers, notebooks, digital cameras and other smart electronic devices.

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3001 Daimler St Santa Ana CA

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