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Spire Corp - Bedford Massachusetts

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Spire Corp

1 Patriots Park
Bedford Massachusetts 1730

(781) 275-6000


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Spire Corporation is a diversified technology company that produces solar energy systems, biomedical devices and optoelectronic components. The company also serves telecommunications and defense industries worldwide with innovative products and services based upon a common technology platform. Its applies science and research to develop products that generate renewable energy, improve health care, enhance security and deliver advanced solutions to businesses. Spire Corporation produces photovoltaic systems, custom modules, hemodialysis products, wafer design and circuit fabrication. One of the company s subsidiaries, Spire Biomedical, manufactures medical devices and provides advanced medical device surface treatment processes. Spire Biomedical has been in the business of surface engineering services for improving the performance of orthopedic and cardiovascular medical devices. The company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Bedford, Mass.

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1 Patriots Park Bedford MA

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