PacTec 2nd Source - Vancouver WA

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PacTec 2nd Source

4400 NE 77th Ave., Ste. 275
Vancouver WA 98662

360 719-1822


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Provide optical filter and lasers consumables
Optical Components:PacTec has a wide selection of optical components used on photolithography and metrology equipment. We specialize in the replacement of i-line bandpass filters and interference filters. A majority of our inventory involves parts in the 365.5nm and 248nm wavelengths for micro-photolithography equipment. We manufacture 125mm and 165mm i-line bandpass filters and can customize the spectral characteristics of an i-line bandpass or interference filter based on your requirements. We also work with g-line optical bandpass filters and have the ability to provide 193nm parts using CaF2.
Refurbished Lasers: PacTec can provide refurbished lasers for metrology, off-axis and on-axis alignment and interferometry systems. Our refurbished lasers are used on photolithography and inspection equipment. All of our units come with a warranty. We support systems using DPSS, HeNe and argon gas lasers.


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4400 NE 77th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA

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