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2099 Main Rd
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Semiconductor ATE and Test Equipment. JMC provides used and refurbished Semiconductor Testers, Handlers, Wafer Probers as well as other wafer level and packaged part tester and handling equipment. JMC also provides engineering and fabrications of docking and integration of tests to handler and wafer probers. JMC board test division provides In-Circuit and Functional testers for assembled board test and diagnostics. Our 43,600 square foot head quarters located in southern NJ is home to one of the largest most diverse inventory and used and refurbishment semiconductor test related capital equipment and spares part in the world. We can be reached on the web at www.jmcserv.com and by phone at 856-697-4400. Our staff is ready to ship spares part same day in most cases. Call or email us for your test equipment needs today.

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