BV Thermal Systems - Modesto California

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BV Thermal Systems

1064 Woodland Avenue
Modesto California 95351



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BV Thermal Systems produces standard chillers and heat exchangers including standard temperature (5 – 35°C), low temperature (-40 – +30°C) and extended temperature (-40 – +160°C) as well as rack mounted chillers and heat exchangers. In addition, BV Thermal Systems is able to produce reliable fluid temperature control systems running at 200°C and above.

Controlling temperature is imperative in the production of semiconductors. With over 20 years of working in the semiconductor industry, BV Thermal Systems is aware of the needs and requirements of the semiconductor fabricators and also the problems that are so Image for Semiconductor industry from BV Thermal Systemsoften encountered. This experience has allowed us to develop and continue to develop units specifically for the semiconductor industry

Maintenance of product quality and customer service are the foundations upon which BV Thermal Systems has grown and will continue to serve the high technology temperature control marketplace. Extensive engineering effort has been provided to design unique plumbing and refrigeration circuits to eliminate the major causes of system failure (coolant and refrigeration leaks).


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